Thursday, November 4, 2010

meet my new clickbuddy!

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i named him Io! (read as eye-yow)... inspired by one of Jupiter's moons, but then the I and the O is perfect to replace the number 10... hehe

i previously owned 2 point&shoot cameras... my Canon Ixus 70i and my water-proof Olympus1030SW (i introduced both in this post: Ixus and Zeke)...

for 3 years i had been using my ixus day in day out nonstop! hehehe... but after my last davao trip, he had given up on me already... :-( he fell real hard and had a bad opening on one of its corners... that's why i had been contemplating on getting a new point&shoot camera... and i'm not too happy with photos from Zeke if he's not underwater... but after having Zeke I don't think I can live without an underwater cam... hehehe I'm a Canon user that's why I was really disappointed when they released their D10 just a few months after I bought Zeke... but now is the perfect time for me to own a D10!!! I am retiring Ixus, and I gave Zeke to my kuya....

I bought Io last July... he's 3months old as of this post... I'm still adjusting with his bulkiness, I got so used to with Ixus which can fit well in just 1 hand and i can tuck in my pockets ready for an emergency shot... :-) but i'm sooo happy that Io is very much my Ixus in a lot of Canon ways! but he's waaayyy better when it comes to taking photos at night or in poorly lighted places... it has this ISO3200 feature! which gives me a clear shot but still grainy...

It replaced Zeke now for my wet shoots... imagine having a color accent shot underwater!!! (i haven't done one yet but im excited!!)... but I miss Zeke's super burst shots.... he takes consecutive photos with split second interval! perfect for jumpshots or just taking motion photos... Canon point&shoots doesn't have that yet, although there's a multiple shot with Canon but the time lag is longer...

nevertheless, i am happy with my Io... am looking forward to a million photos with him!!!

Italianis - Greenbelt
Makati City
30 July 2010

Camera: Canon Powershot D10
Focal length: 6.2mm
(35mm equivalent: 37mm)

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