Thursday, October 29, 2009

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this blog is solely for point & shoot photography... i want not only to post photos from my ixus and zeke but also to document all the things iv learned and will be learning about photography...specially about compact cameras... i know a lot of us carry one most of the time... i hope this blog can help you take better digicam photos... maximize!

i know DSLRs are now cheaper than they used to... and how i drool over photos taken using them...but hey you just need to discover the power of your handy buddies and you'll get good photos too! :D (i remember my reaction when my photo-enthusiast boss told us that we have with us a very powerful tool... i shrugged... but now im a huge believer!)

all photos that I will be posting here were and will be taken using point&shoot digital cameras only...

my buddies
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meet ixus! (i used to call him "rod" but ixus seems to stick better with him)... we had been together for more than 2 years!!! and except for the minor glitch during a trip to Bataan where he fell to the sand lens first, i have not encountered any prob with him... all the things iv learned and almost all the good photos i have were all taken with Ixus! :D i hope he wont retire soon yet... iv grown sooo comfortable with him that despite the age i still feel like im getting beautiful photos with him... :D

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...and here's zeke! my water and shock proof camera... i only had him last year... after several attempts to resist buying him i finally gave in... just glad i did! :-) although i think i haven't maximized zeke yet... i havent used him so much except for underwater shots... i will try to explore zeke some more for this blog. :)

i had been camwhoring for as long as i can remember.... even back in college, no,highschool... or i think even during elementary, im lucky im being entrusted with handling of my family's camera... i would save my allowance so i can buy films and have my shots printed... i wish digital cameras existed then... i could have frozen more moments!!!

thank god for digital cameras! for click freaks like me, having them handy all the time... ohhh my simple guilty pleasure! :D

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