Monday, December 27, 2010

where to?

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where are you heading? :-)

i'm thankful for the many crossroads i had with real good friends considering i'm some kinda autistic hehehe... it was nice to have our roads meet and it was nice i had roads to travel with them...even for just some time because we must take on other roads after... :-) it's nice to look back on those happy times, how much those had shaped us into us today....

another year is about to close, looking back at my 2010 i'm glad it was a really nice year for new crossroads... :-) i don't want to have expectations for the new year, just a little hope that it'll be as fun as this year... :p

savor the rest of 2010!!! :-)

Isabela City Port Area, Basilan
24 October 2010

Camera: Canon Powershot D10
Focal Length: 6.2mm
(35mm equivalent: 37mm)
ISO: 80

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