Thursday, April 22, 2010


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it is what's making us great together. :-)

One of the best things I've learned is that God does not bring people into my life so I can make them just like me. God wants us to be different. He's given us different personalities, different strengths, different hobbies and different looks. He's made us all different so we can sharpen one another and cause each other to rise up higher in life.

If you're going to be happy and enjoy your relationships, you've got to learn how to appreciate the differences and learn from the people in your life. If you don't focus on the right things, you'll end up allowing the little irritations to cause you to become resentful. Remember, nobody is perfect. If you're going to grow, you've got to be willing to overlook some things. Our assignment is not to fix people. Our assignment is to love people. Our assignment is to sharpen one another so we can move forward in the good plan God has prepared.

- Today's Word from Joel and Victoria (email sa kin ni Imee!)

Patalon Beach
Zamboanga City
09 August 2009

Camera: Canon Digital Ixus 70
Focal Length: 5.8mm
(35mm equivalent: 37mm)
ISO: 80

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